Turning over a new leaf: Garden goals for 2021

The new year has begun – and you know what that means? New year’s resolutions for your outdoor space! Are you ready to make a change in your garden so it looks better than ever before? We hope you’re nodding because we’ve outlined three great garden goals for you to take into 2021. Take a look below (and browse our selection of quality plant nutrition products online).

1. Growing and maintaining a luscious, green lawn

A lawn is generally the main part of a garden, rolling through the centre and framing off flower beds. If a lawn is healthy, it enhances the appearance of the entire garden. If it is brown and unkempt, the whole garden will seem neglected. Getting your lawn right is therefore of utmost importance as it affects the overall look of your garden. So, what better way to kick off our garden goals for 2021 than with seasonal lawn care?

Seasonal lawn care

The spring and summer months are a time of vigorous growth, so fertilising, watering and mowing become crucial aspects of your lawn care regimen. We recommend choosing Wonder Lawn & Leaf for fertilising an established lawn. It’s a complete bio-carbon fertiliser, providing a sustained release of nitrogen. But if you are planting a new lawn, rather opt for Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal as it actively improves the soil structure. The mixture contains nitrogen for healthy leaf growth as well as phosphorus for strong root development. Click here for lawn planting, watering and mowing tips.


As Autumn and winter approach, switch up your lawn care regimen to include regular raking and aeration of the soil. Fallen leaves tend to cover lawns in March and April, and this can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. So, when the time comes, be vigilant with your raking, collecting leaves once or twice a week to add to your compost heap. In the colder months the soil can become compact, so aeration is necessary to encourage healthy root growth. When attempting to aerate your soil, we suggest investing in a proper aeration tool to make the process a little easier on yourself. Otherwise, a garden fork will do the trick. Simply push the fork in and out of the soil so little holes get punctured into its surface. Learn more about lawn preparation.

2. Creating a thriving veggie garden

To us, a garden isn’t complete without a happy little vegetable garden out back. Not only are veggies a healthy addition to home-cooked meals, but growing your own can vastly reduce your monthly grocery bill. If you’re interested in reaching your veggie garden goals this year, take note of our step-by-step beginner’s guide below:

How to plant a new vegetable garden:

  • Pick a sunny location in your garden with sufficient space for growing vegetables.
  • Prepare the soil with Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose (a high potassium fertiliser for healthy flowering and fruiting growth).
  • Purchase your seasonal vegetable seed, preferably selecting veggies that grow well together – for example, cabbage, beetroot, spinach, and celery. (View our calendar for seasonal veg inspiration.)
  • Plan the layout of your garden – consider plant height and vegetable companions when determining seed arrangement.
  • Plant the seeds according to their size and type.
  • Water your garden thoroughly.

3. Planting unique and vibrant garden beds

The hallmark of any garden goals list? The plant and flower beds, of course! We can’t get enough of the bright and boisterous blooms that emerge in and among garden greenery. So, if you haven’t established your foliage and flowering plants yet, we’re sure you’ll want to get cracking on them asap to ensure a colourful year ahead.

Preparing the soil

Before planting your favourite seasonal shrubs and flower bulbs, you need to assess the quality of the soil. Ask yourself, is this soil well-draining and full of nutrients? If not, a quality compost and fertiliser might be in order. (Remember, you can always call on a Wonder expert for advice). With a garden spade or shovel, turn the soil to a depth of about 30cm, while mixing in Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose. This complete granular fertiliser will provide the soil with the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium it needs to sustain plant and shrub life. If you notice that the soil is particularly dry, you can also dig in Wonder Waterwise Crystals. The crystals are specially formulated to reduce watering frequency by 50%, ensuring the soil remains at a healthy level of moisture. Click here to learn more about water-wise gardening practices.

Designing the layout

Once your beds are properly prepared, it’s time to plan your garden design and plant layout. Think about how you might arrange your plants – would you create a natural, wild look, or prefer a more ornamental, structured one? Whichever way you are leaning, we recommend planting the larger perennials first. These will last for years to come, serving as a base or ‘skeleton’ for your garden beds. Some of our favourite perennials include agapanthuses, aloes, and bulbines. But you can use any perennials that tickle your fancy. Next, consider the annuals you would like to plant. These are the seasonal plants that get replaced each year, such as petunias, impatiens, calendulas, cosmos, marigolds, nemesias, and dahlias.

Planting and fertilising

So, now that you’ve got garden goals for your plant and flower beds, it’s time to bring them to life with colourful blooms! Pop in at your local garden centre and select the seasonal plants, flower bulbs and shrubs that catch your eye (and work with the unique vision you have for your garden).


When spring sets in and your garden beds are nicely established, fertilise them with Wonder Fruit and Flower. This balanced granular fertiliser is designed to enhance bud formation as well as bloom colour – a must-have for your seasonal bedding plants.

Reach your garden goals with Wonder

Has this garden goals article inspired you to head outside with a sunhat and trowel? If so, our work here is done. Wishing you a prosperous and happy 2021, and a gorgeous garden that reflects your passion for planting.

For more information about the Wonder range, get in touch with us.

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