4 Ways Wonder loves your garden beds

Love is in the air, and not just because it’s the month of love. Wonder has been loving garden beds for over 50 years – providing them with the speciality fertilisers and plant foods they need to thrive year in and year out. And so, in honour of this long-time love affair, we will be looking at just four of the many ways Wonder blows kisses in your garden’s direction. Pucker up!

Showing your garden beds love for over 40 years:

1. We formulate top-quality fertiliser and plant foods

The Wonder range is diverse and holistic, designed to nourish every part of your garden. Our product range covers everything from granular plant-starter fertilisers, like Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose and Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal, through to seasonal-boost liquid plant foods, like Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Special Fertiliser. Whether it’s lawn care, flower bed preparation or plant stress-management products you need to get your garden looking perfect, you can trust that we have the solution. (Explore the full Wonder range.)

2. We distribute our products to convenient locations

Professional-grade, yet accessible to the general public – our expert gardening materials assist anyone and everyone in their gardening endeavours. Wonder is available at leading retail outlets and local gardening centres, nation-wide. This allows our customers to conveniently purchase Wonder products during their weekly or monthly grocery shops. (Contact us to find a distributor near you.) We partner with only the most reputable and accessible stores, as we understand that good service and product location are important to the gardening process.

3. We provide expert gardening advice

Not only do we provide the plant nutrition needed for healthy garden beds, but we help our fellow gardeners every step of the way through their individual gardening journeys. Our ask the expert portal allows all gardeners, novice to expert and everyone in between to reach out to us directly, and ask us any questions you have about our products and your gardening projects. 

4. We have included our product ranges on our website

Our website is user-friendly and easy to browse, with our product ranges listed separately for quick access and product viewing. From fertilisers and plant food to garden accessories, customers can find the Wonder products they are interested in at the click of a button.

Are your garden beds benefitting from Wonder plant nutrition?

If your garden beds need a little love this February, remember that they are the apple of Wonder’s eye. And plant nutrition is our gift to you! Take advantage of our expert range – your plants deserve it.

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