Celebrate the festive season with fabulous flowers

It’s that time of year when things are cheery, merry and bright. Bring the festive season into your garden and home with gorgeous blooms. Create flowerbeds and hanging baskets with splashes of colour to welcome you and your guests home. Put on your gardening gloves and get ready to bring these ideas and fabulous flowers into your home for the summer holidays.

Festive, fun and fabulous flowers

For all the avid gardeners, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your blooms thriving and showing peak health. To create this effect, we have all the tips and tricks to have an instant garden makeover using great solutions and carefully chosen, fabulous flowers.

If you want tips on indoor plant care for flowers and more, read our guide on best care tips for house plants. Inversely, if you are taking your project outside, read this guide to plant care during December.

Flower care

With these quick tricks, you can create a showstopping garden this summer.

Maintenance and inspection

Before planting any new flowers, have a quick look at your current flowerbeds, hanging baskets and containers and determine their health. Are some of your blooms looking dismal and lifeless? Remove faded flowers with garden shears or large scissors and pinching off dead ends on smaller plants. Health pruning not only eliminates the withered patches but also generates new growth. 

In addition to removing dead growth, do a bit of weeding and add mulch. Mulch assists in controlling soil temperatures, moisture and reduces further weeds from sprouting. 

In season

Wanting a fast track to a gorgeous garden? Make sure to use flowers that are in season. Choose summer favourites like agapanthus, dahlia, garden roses, hydrangeas, stargazer oriental lilies, yarrow and zinnias. These flowers range from gorgeous pinks, yellows, oranges, blues, and purples – perfect for a perky summer palette. 

Heat tolerant and hardy colours

In addition to adding colour to a garden, be sure to make environmentally wise decisions. If you live in a dry region, look for heat-tolerant and drought-resistant plants like salvias, marigolds and zinnias. These choices ensure your garden pops of colour while still being mindful of the climate.

On this note, a great option is to go straight for water-savvy annuals. They are not only low-maintenance but will be more likely to survive short periods with reduced water. Try flowers that can withstand strong sun exposure like alyssum, portulaca, petunias, marigolds and zinnias (marigolds and zinnias are generally a great choice for many reasons).

Garden solutions

After you have sheared, weeded, mulched and chosen your favourite plant for your summer garden, reinforce your flowers flourishing with the right tools. Use Wonder Rose and Flower fertiliser to help with growth, development and colour enhancement. Wonder Rose and Flower is a granular fertiliser that uses a carefully balanced blend of nitrogen and potassium for the best foliage and bud formation, while still providing resistance from pest and disease. 

Additionally, use Wonder Colour Boost for both outdoor and indoor plants. This liquid plant food contains organic plant based growth stimulants and also filled with micro-and macronutrients. 

Lastly, for all your flowering shrubs, trees and even fruits, use Wonder Fruit and Flower fertiliser. This granular fertiliser is high in potassium and contains slow-release nitrogen to ensure vigorous growth and an abundance of colourful flowers.

Keep your fabulous flowers robust and vibrant

We wish you all the best on your gardening adventures ahead. For more information on how to maintain fabulous flowers or tackle other gardening projects, contact us or even contact an expert.

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