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Where to Shop

Wonder products are stocked at all good retailers as well as your local nursery or garden centre.

Distributors & Agents

Would you like to stock our products? Please contact your local distributor.
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Kirsten Cocks
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Eastern Cape
Tel: 073 262 4450<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: kirsten.cocks@efekto.co.za
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Trevor Gouws
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Western Cape
Tel: 082 779 3931<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: trevor.gouws@efekto.co.za
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Nappie Ries
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Inland including Pretoria, Limpopo, Mpumalanga & North-West
Tel: 071 673 2537<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: nappie.ries@efekto.co.za
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Vimal Sohun
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Inland including Johannesburg
Tel: 078 642 8505<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: vimal.sohun@efekto.co.za
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Gamied Boomgaard
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Free State,Northern Cape,North West & Lesotho
Tel: 082 336 4438<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: gamied.boomgaard@efekto.co.za
Contact: <!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Calvin Sham
Sales Area:<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>KwaZulu Natal
Tel: 083 643 2738<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>Email: calvin.sham@efekto.co.za