Spring secrets for your garden

Spring has arrived… And with it comes a fresh season for your garden.

As days grow warmer, tiny buds slowly unfurl. Birds chirp cheerfully while bees, beetles and butterflies busy themselves pollinating plants. Yes, avid green thumbs. We can confirm. That’s nature letting you know that you can start breathing new life into your garden now that winter has made an exit… Or take advantage of good timing and start one from scratch!

So without further preamble, take a look at our top five tips on how to get your garden spring-ready.

Grass Looking A Little For-Lawn?

You’ll probably need to start with your lawn. Chances are, your grass is looking a little unloved and is in need of attention ASAP… A season of dry air, no rain and cold weather will do that!

So, first off, sweep dead leaves and branches away. Next let’s aerate the lawn with a garden fork, carefully sinking it into the soil and loosening it. And for the piece de resistance… Follow up by feeding it with a top-notch lawn fertiliser like Wonder Vitaliser Lawn & Leaf Bio-Carbon Green Boost 7:1:3 (15) + C (8) SR*. You can thank us later!

The Season Of Perennials

Spring Secrets For Your Garden

Not sure what perennials are, exactly? We’ve got you covered. Perennials are plants that live for more than two years… And spring is the perfect time to plant a bunch! Do some research on what favours your climate. But if you’re in need of a hint, take a look at these: Gazania, Blue Marguerite, Heartleaf Bergenia, Angelonia Angelface, Plantain Lilly, Trailing Daisy, Balloon Flower, Day Lily and Gaura Angel Wings.

Give your perennials a blooming good start to life by adding Wonder Plant Starter to the topsoil when planting them. They’ll grow like weeds – just the prettier version!

For perennial pro’s… Now is the time to give those perennials a much-needed boost by adding a touch of mulch to the soil.

Spring For Fresh Veggies

Spring Secrets For Your Garden

If you’re into growing fresh veggies, spring is the perfect time to start planting them! Think summer veg like beetroot, baby marrows, carrots, parsley, runner beans, sweet corn – the list goes on.

Not really sure where you should start? Pro beginner tip: Ask your local nursery what they suggest. They’ll be able to give you hands-on advice, care instructions and what works for your area.

If you’re already growing some, toss any old winter veg that’s beyond salvaging onto your compost heap with Wonder compost activator to speed up the process. It’s not doing you any favours languishing in that lovely, rich garden bed of yours!

Now… Keep your veggie garden thriving through to summer with an application of Wonder Kelp every two weeks. The seaweed-based plant tonic helps your veg grow strong roots, boosts germination rates, all while bettering flowering and fruiting capacity.

The Fruits of Spring

Spring Secrets For Your Garden

Now is the time to plant any and ALL your deciduous fruit trees – but be sure to have it done before the end of September while these plants are still dormant. Check-in with your local nursery to see what is available and what will suit your garden.
It’s also the best time of year to start planting berries! Strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, blueberries, boysenberries, blackberries – pick your fave and get started. Make sure they’re real goodies by loosening the soil with a gardening fork and adding a mix of Wonder 2:3:2 (14) + C (8) SR* Bio-Carbon Boost before planting.

Let’s Take This indoors

Spring Secrets For Your Garden

Spring isn’t only a season for the outdoors… It’s the time to revive your indoor plants! Switch out the old top layer of potting soil in their pots and replace them with fresh potting soil. Give them an extra little boost with our Plant Food Stix. These are easy to use plant food spikes that will slowly feed your plant baby over 60 days. Just pop one in the soil halfway between the plant and the edge of the pot and its business as usual!

Browse our blog for more wonder-filled tips on gardening and plant care or find out which of our products best suit your gardening needs.

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