Indoor plants: Care tips for flourishing foliage and flowers

Indoor plants bring us so many joys. Not only do they look beautiful, but they clean the air we breathe and help quieten our minds. Are you thinking of adding a plant or two to your living space? Peace Lilies, succulents, cacti, palms, and ferns are all great options. Just be sure to position them in areas that receive bright, indirect sunlight for optimal growth. And, of course, care for them all with Wonder. (Browse our range of quality plant nutrition products online.)

Indoor plant care 101:

Plant indoor plants in containers

Decorative plants are so lovely in the summer months. Especially when they are brimming with health. Once you’ve chosen your indoor plant, decide whether you want to plant it in a hanging basket, terracotta pot, or planter made of wood, plastic or glass. We recommend the good old terracotta pot for the job – but the decision is yours! Whichever pot you choose, just make sure it has holes underneath for drainage purposes. When you’re ready to get planting, grab your container of Wonder Waterwise Crystals and add some to the potting mix. The polymer will increase the water-retention capacity of the soil, reducing the plant’s need for frequent waterings.

Feed your indoor plants

Watering your house plants is imperative for healthy growth. This should go without saying! We recommend watering them once a week with a solution of water and Wondersol All Purpose. The product is an organically based growth stimulant, suitable for all plants. (Click here to read directions for use and product safety information.) When the temperatures start to rise, increase the frequency of your waterings and switch over to Wondersol Colour Boost. The uniquely balanced plant food liquid contains micro and macro-nutrients for growing healthy plants and flowers. You can apply the product to the root system or directly onto the leaves, depending on the needs of the plant.

Repot your indoor plants

At this time of year, it’s important to inspect your house plants to see if they need repotting. ‘Pot bound’ signs include smaller new leaves, stunted growth, wilting, and a lack of flowers. If your indoor shrub is showing these signs, best you repot it for the upcoming season of growth! Here’s how:

  1. Select your new pot (a larger one with drainage holes).
  2. Place ‘props’ inside the pot to cover the drainage holes. These can be anything from broken pieces of terracotta to an old coffee filter.
  3. If your pot is made of terracotta, soak it overnight so it doesn’t dry out the plant.
  4. Add potting soil, mixing in Wonder Waterwise Crystals (as mentioned above).
  5. Water the plant in its current container to secure the root ball.
  6. Then remove the plant and loosen its root system.
  7. Plant it in the new, larger pot, and water thoroughly.

Give your indoor plants some TLC

If you’re looking to do a little something extra for your pot plants, simulate their natural humid environments by misting them with an atomiser. This will help keep the leaves healthy and thick, and prevent them from turning brown at the tips. You can also wipe the leaves down occasionally with a damp cloth to keep them clean and shiny green. 

Are your indoor plants feeling the love?

Give your indoor plants the nutrients they need to thrive with Wonder’s selection of plant foods. If you have a question about our nourishing products, feel free to ask our experts. And if you’re interested in learning more about DIY gardening, click here.

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