How to plant a lawn: Tips for rolling green pastures

For us, a healthy lawn creates a happy garden – and a happier gardener! Grassy fields, brimming with health and mowed to perfection define an outdoor space, shaping flower beds and informing the overall garden design. Do you know how to plant a lawn? If not, follow the steps below for gorgeous green pastures. And remember to stock up on Wonder lawn fertilisers and feeders before you get going.

Plant a lawn in 5 steps:

1. Clear the area and prepare the soil

First things first – determine where you want to plant your lawn, and clear the section of any shrubs or rocks. With a garden fork, turn the soil so it is loose and ready to receive lawn seed. Next, rake the surface smooth so the soil is reduced to a fine consistency. Add Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal to the raked soil for a kick of nutrients, and turn thoroughly so it mixes in.

2. Sow the grass seed

Now that the soil is ready, it’s time to plant a lawn! Kick the process off by selecting your grass seed and mixing it with sandy soil. This will make sowing easier, ensuring the seed is spread evenly over the entire area. As an estimate, one 30-gram packet of the seed mixture should cover 10 square metres of soil. After applying the seed to the site, get out your rake again and give the area a general sweep so the soil covers the seeds. We also recommend patting the area down with a spade to encourage the seeds to take.

3. Water the seed thoroughly

Congratulations, you have completed the first phase of planting your new lawn! Now, to make sure the seeds germinate, water the area thoroughly with a hose pipe or a garden sprinkler. And going forward, we suggest watering the seed deeply once a week for optimal growth. As a rule of thumb, aim for about 2.5cm of water per session, ideally watering in the morning when there is less evaporation taking place. (Got a question about watering? Ask the expert.)

4. Feed your lawn with quality fertiliser

After a few weeks, your lawn seed should be nicely established. At this point, you can start thinking about fertiliser. Wonder Lawn and Leaf is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – an ideal mix for healthy grass growth. Before applying fertiliser to your new field, aerate the soil with your garden fork. Then when you’re ready, scatter half the fertiliser in one direction, and the other half at right angles. And be sure to water the area well afterwards.

5. Mow regularly at the correct cutting height

Once you’ve applied the fertiliser and allowed it to soak in for about a week, get out that mower because it’s time for a trim! Before getting started, adjust your lawnmower to a high setting – preferably between 3 and 5cm. You don’t want to cut the blades too short as the lawn will be harder to maintain. Also, make sure the blades are sharp so the mowing effort is worth your while. After trimming the grass, scatter the clippings over the area. The blades will decompose quickly, returning nutrients to the soil. And voila! Your lawn is on its way to looking green and mean. Just be sure to maintain the grass with a proper mowing once a week, and keep up with the regular waterings.

Plant a lawn today with Wonder

We hope learning how to plant a lawn has inspired you to head outside and get growing! Care for your newly planted lawn with Wonder products – available at nurseries and leading outlet stores near you.

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