Growing blueberries: Planting and care tips

Delicious, juicy blueberries are a welcomed addition to our breakfast bowls, smoothies and desserts. And as spring sets in, we start enjoying them in a different way – by planting blueberry shrubs. Growing blueberries in your backyard will guarantee you an ample supply of the tasty each year, and trust us – they taste that much sweeter when you grow them yourself! (Discover our range of fertilisers and plant foods.)

Spring is the season for growing blueberries

It’s the right time of year to plant blueberry shrubs, but do you know what they need to thrive? Blueberries require plenty of sunshine, and do better when sheltered from excessive wind. Situate the shrubs away from trees and other plants that could potentially shade them. And be sure to plant them in well-draining, sandy soil with a pH of 4.3 to 5.5. If the soil is less acidic (pH ranging from 7 to 8), you may wish to plant your blueberries in containers instead. Once you’ve found a good spot in your garden for growing your shrubs, you’re ready to get to work with Wonder! We recommend mixing in some Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose to balance the soil and encourage bountiful fruiting. And a sprinkling of Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost prior to planting will give your soil that extra kick of nutrients.


How to plant blueberry bushes in the garden:

  • Using a gardening shovel or trowel, dig holes 50cm deep, leaving about one meter between each one for healthy plant growth.
  • Place a blueberry bush in each hole, making sure the roots have plenty of space inside, and fill the remaining area with soil.
  • Add some mulch to the site to help the soil retain moisture.


How to plant blueberry bushes in containers:

  • Find a container that is at least 50cm deep and 50cm wide, with drainage holes.
  • Fill the container with quality potting soil.
  • With a gardening trowel, dig a hole twice as deep as your blueberry bush’s roots.
  • Plant the shrub inside with the roots spread out, and cover the empty space with soil.
  • Place the container in a sunny area that is out of the wind.


How to care for blueberry bushes:

  • Water your blueberry bushes thoroughly every week for the first few weeks, then every three days once the plants are established.
  • Protect your blueberry shrubs from pesky insects and birds by draping a net over them.
  • If you notice the soil drying out, add some Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost to the site. You can reapply this every month or so as needed.
  • Add Wonder Fruit & Flower to the soil one month after planting to replenish the potassium content in the soil. This is an important step to ensure continued healthy growth of your blueberry shrubs for seasons to come.

growing blueberries

Will you try your hand at growing blueberries this season?

We love growing blueberries almost as much as we like eating them, and we’re sure you will too! Explore our expertly crafted fertilisers and plant nutrition products online, and order the ones you need from local nurseries and outlets near you. And if you have any questions about the blueberry bush planting process, click here to reach out to our team of gardening specialists.

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