Create a rose garden in 7 simple steps

Create a rose garden in 7 simple steps

Fragrant roses in shades of pink, red, yellow, cream, and peach. Is there any flower more lovely during the winter months? With warmer weather and sunny days on the rise, now’s the perfect time to create a rose garden in your backyard. Your local nursery is bound to have some late-winter flowering shrubs in stock for you to plant and enjoy straight away. Not to mention quality Wonder products to get the most out of their seasonal show.

How to plan, prep and plant your rose garden:

1. Source your roses

To create a rose garden this winter, purchase some quality bare-root rose bushes from a garden centre or nursery near you. If you are unsure about which varieties to get, find someone who works there and enquire about the different options available. Specify your colour preference and landscape requirements so they can recommend suitable rose bushes for your garden.

2. Place them in a bucket of water

Once you’ve made your purchase and arrived back home, prepare a bucket of water for your rose bushes. We suggest you prune the bushes back so there are three to five buds per cane before popping them in the bucket. You can also loosen the root clusters so that when you are ready for planting, you can simply lift the rose bushes out the bucket and place them straight in the ground or pot.

3. Let the roots soak

Leave your rose bushes soaking in the bucket for about eight to twelve hours before planting. If you purchase your roses in the late afternoon, for example, they should be ready for planting by sunrise. Soaking the root cluster is an important step as it rehydrates the plant and helps it ‘settle’ in the soil after planting. Want to learn more about this process? Pop us a message and one of our gardening experts will get back to you.

4. Find a place for them in your garden

Morning, sunshine! Now that your roses have soaked for sufficient time, you can plan where you want to situate them in your garden. Find a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight each day, preferable in the morning. The morning sun encourages more blooms to form and dries out the leaves, preventing plant diseases. If you want to plant your roses in pots as opposed to your garden beds, ensure each pot is 30cm in diameter or larger so the plants have sufficient space to grow.

5. Prepare the flower bed

Roses need well-drained, loose, loamy soil, and adequate air circulation around their roots for healthy growth. So, once you’ve found a spot in your garden for your new rose shrubs, assess the soil quality. If the soil has a clay-like consistency or seems depleted of nutrients, amend it with nutrient-rich soil and Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal.

6. Plant the rose bushes

With soil prep out the way, now you’re ready to plant your rose garden! Using a shovel, dig holes for your rose bushes. Ensure each one is significantly larger than the bush itself so the roots grow into freshly-turned, nutrient-rich soil. If you have multiple rose shrubs to plant, space them about two-thirds of their expected height apart. When you’re ready, place the root balls inside the holes and cover them with soil. If you are planting your shrubs in pots, simply place the root balls inside each pot and surround with soil.

7. Care for your roses

Lastly, water your newly planted roses with a solution of water and Wonder Kelp. The organic seaweed concentration is specially designed for flowering shrubs, stimulating healthy root growth and encouraging abundant bloom formation. Click here to discover more Wonder products for your rose garden.

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Grow your winter rose garden with Wonder

Ready to plant a rose garden with delicate blooms in all your favourite colours? Head over to your local nursery today and enquire about rose bushes and Wonder plant nutrition.

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