5 Valentine’s flowers symbolic of love

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your one and only, flowers are always a good call. Instead of a bouquet though, we suggest going with something a little longer-lasting in a pot! And on that note… While roses are the most popular choice, why not explore your options? Take your pick of these 5 flowers that symbolise love and romance.


5 Valentine's Flowers Symbolic Of Love

Not only are these beautiful blooms popular, they’re also symbolic of romance, luck, happy marriage and prosperity. Many people also believe that Peonies in bloom bring luck but an odd number of these flowers means bad luck – something to keep in mind if your special someone is superstitious!


5 Valentine's Flowers Symbolic Of Love

Chrysanthemum flowers come in a bunch of beautiful colours and, as a whole, are symbolic of loyalty and love. Though if you want to go the extra mile, Red Chrysanthemum’s stand for love and passion. And as a bonus, they’re not the most expensive flower on the market!


5 Valentine's Flowers Symbolic Of Love

Did you know that Daisies are thought to symbolise beauty, purity and innocence? Gerbera Daisies, in particular, are a good choice as they come in a rainbow of rich and vibrant colours – which has earned them a reputation for cheerfulness.


5 Valentine's Flowers Symbolic Of Love

Tulips are another popular Valentine’s Day pick. These delightfully elegant flowers are meant to symbolise the perfect love. Affordable and classic, Tulips also send a subtle undercurrent of comfort and happiness. Each colour carries its own meaning too. For example, red Tulips convey passion, while yellow is associated with smiles and sunshine.


5 Valentine's Flowers Symbolic Of Love

Last but not least is the underrated Carnation! This full and fluffy flower stands for new love. Not only are they affordable, they’re available in a bunch of beautiful colours and highly affordable.


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