2020 Top-growing garden trends

Doing a bit of garden planning for the year ahead, green thumbs? Use these 2020 gardening trends to brighten up your beds!


2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

Sporting a smaller garden – or living in an apartment? Get creative with vertical gardening as a way to bring as much greenery into your home as possible. It’s easy to execute and makes a big impact in smaller spaces.

Vertical gardening isn’t one specific thing… There are many solutions you can choose from. Try one of these:

  • Strategically placed wall planters filled with creepers for a waterfall effect
  • Living walls that cover a large portion of a wall
  • Windowsill planters stacked on a wall and filled with herbs
  • Mounted greenery like stag horns
  • Propagation wall vases
  • Wooden pallets filled with flowers

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2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

Sustainability is a popular topic of conversation on a global scale, so it makes sense that it’s filtering into the gardening world too.

A simple way to make your garden more sustainable is through composting to:

  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Make soil more fertile
  • Bring more nutrients to your plants

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2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

More and more gardeners are becoming aware of the impact humans have had on the planet. As a result, they’re bringing environmentally-friendly touches into their gardens to help local wildlife numbers.

Some of the top trending gardening additions in this category include:

  • Bee hotels
  • Ponds
  • Bird, bee and butterfly-friendly pollinator plants
  • Compost heaps

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2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

As life gets busier, many gardeners are opting for low maintenance plants, to ensure they can easily maintain their little patch of greenery at home! Not only does this simplify gardening – but it allows one to reap the soothing benefits of a good garden session in a shorter timeframe.

To introduce this trend into your garden:

  • Bring in colourful touches through multicoloured foliage
  • Look for long-lasting low-maintenance flowers and plants
  • Levels and layers of shrubs

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2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

Following on from low maintenance plants – another trend that goes hand in hand with this is dual purpose plants. Essentially it’s about bringing in plants that offer more than a great aesthetic, for additional benefits. Look for plants or trees that double as:

  • Fragrant (think jasmine, forget me nots etc)
  • Food such as fresh herbs, fruit or veg
  • Shade for cooler spaces in summer or shelter during the rainy and windy season

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2020 Top-Growing Garden Trends

Gardens are the oasis of the home, providing beautiful scents, sights and sounds after a long, tough day!

This trend opts to emphasise this aspect of your garden by introducing water to the already tranquil environment in some way or form. You can opt for a:

  • Birdbath or pond to attract more wildlife
  • Fountain for an even more soothing setting

Which of these trends do you think you’ll try this year? For more gardening tips, tricks and trends, follow us on Facebook.

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