A bunch of 2020 gardening resolutions

This year, instead of new year’s resolutions, we’ve put together a bunch of gardening resolutions for green thumbs – or new gardeners – to try! Not only will these get you outdoors and doing a fun form of exercise (which might be a resolution of yours already!) but they’re also the perfect way to switch off and de-stress. Let’s not forget all the environmental benefits either!

Take a look at the list below and see which one is best for your garden:


A Bunch of 2020 Gardening Resolutions

South Africa is still recovering from the worst water crisis that rocked Cape Town in 2018. So, making your garden more water savvy is a good place to start! You can do so by:

  1. Choosing native plants that require less water to survive.
  2. Installing a rain garden to collect rainwater runoff and filter out any pollutants.
  3. Using our Wonder Waterwise Crystals to increase the water holding capacity of your soil.

We’ve got an entire page dedicated to water-wise gardening tips and advice. If you’re interested, you can view that page here.


A Bunch of 2020 Gardening Resolutions

Pollinator insects like bees and butterflies play an important role in the garden, fertilising plants by moving pollen from the male part of a plant to the female part. And as a bonus, they leave your garden less likely to fall prey to drought, disease and pests.

However, in recent years we’ve seen a big decline in bees. So, now it’s more important than ever to encourage these buzzing little insects into our gardens. Here’s how:

  1. Choose plants that are both bee-friendly and that support your local pollinators.
  2. Create a garden that offers these pollinators a varied and attractive ecosystem – this will encourage more pollinators.
  3. Keep those blooms looking bright, bold and beautiful with the help of Wonder Colour Boost.

For more advice on this, visit our bee-friendly gardening page.


A Bunch of 2020 Gardening Resolutions

Did you know that your garden can help reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Planting trees on your land can help you keep your home cooler in summer months by providing shade to those windows that get a lot of sun. This can help cut down your energy consumption as your home will be naturally cooler.
  2. Look at climate-friendly gardening as a way to reduce carbon emissions. Think small changes such using low-emission garden tools, or look into carbon farming by disturbing the soil as little as you can, mulching open soil and improving soil structure.
  3. Make your own compost! Not only is it good for your plants but it means you recycle the waste you’d probably be dumping. Plus it doubles as a mulch! Try our Wonder Organic Compost Activator to help speed the process up.

Keep an eye out for our monthly blog for more gardening tips and advice. Alternatively, you can ask an expert about a specific issue you need help with.

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