Gardening tips: Your essential gardening checklist for autumn

Autumn is here, and it’s a busy time for South African gardeners! If your green fingers are itching to get started on your garden maintenance, follow our five gardening tips for an awe-inspiring autumn garden below. From choosing new seasonal flower bulbs to sowing fresh lawn seed – we’ve covered all the essentials your garden will need to thrive this fall. Visit Wonder online.

5 gardening tips for an awe-inspiring autumn garden:

1. Buy spring bulbs

As autumn sets in, buying spring bulbs is first on our gardening agenda. Seasonal stunners like Daffodils and Tulips are popular during the spring and winter months. And indigenous options like freesias, babianas, sparaxis, and ixias are simply gorgeous too. Get creative with colours and varieties from your local gardening centre, and be sure to care for them all with Wonder! Explore fertilisers and plant feeders.

2. Deadhead roses

Second on our list of gardening tips is deadheading roses. It’s important to prune back your roses once they have finished blooming to encourage a resurgence of growth in the autumn months ahead. With your gardening gloves on and trusty pair of shears at the ready, grab faded blooms with one hand and snip them off at the base. Once all the blooms on a stem have faded, you can remove the whole stem. Browse Wonder pruning shears.

3. Harvest vegetables that are ready to harvest

At this time of year, vegetables like beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbages, capsicums, cauliflowers, celery, chillies, courgettes, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, marrows, peas, potatoes, sweetcorn and tomatoes should be ripe for the picking. Just in time for those wholesome autumn soups and salads! If you have a vegetable garden growing out back, head outside with a basket to harvest any fresh seasonal produce. And remember to replenish the soil’s nutrients with Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose before you plant anything new.

4. Rake your lawn, aerate it and apply fertiliser

When tending to your autumn garden, don’t forget about your lawn. Rake any dead leaves off the surface of the grass, and leave them in your garden beds as mulch. Next, aerate the soil with a gardenfork or specialised aeration tool to encourage plant nutrient uptake. And be sure to follow up with a generous application of Wonder Lawn & Leaf fertiliser. Healthy, green lawn – here we come!

5. Sow a new lawn

If you have any bare patches in your lawn or want to plant a completely new lawn from scratch, now would be the time to do so. (Learn how to plant a lawn in five simple steps.) The cold winter weather slows down plant growth, so it’s best to establish your lawn before the chill sets in. Order seed from a garden centre near you, and nourish your new lawn with Wonder. Discover fertilisers online.

Have these autumn gardening tips been useful?

We hope you have learned something new about autumn gardening, and have used our essential checklist to maintain and transform your outdoor space. For more gardening tips and tricks from the Wonder gardening experts, click here.

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