April gardening in SA

Autumn in South Africa is like a second spring! With the intense summer heat behind us, flowers begin to bloom in large numbers, filling gardens with flocks of beautiful birdlife… Almost like a fairytale! With that being said, April is the best time of year to enjoy a rainbow of indigenous flowers in your garden. Plants like Fybos, golden daisies and Egyptian star clusters are all April bloomers. To get the most out of your garden in April, follow this gardening to-do list:


April Gardening in SA

Choose from Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal, Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8) and Wonder Agricultural Lime when it comes to planting and soil prep!

  • Petunias: If variety is what you’re after, petunias are your plant! Take your pick from their range of delightful colours and shapes. They do well in full sun where summer rains will keep them from drying out.
  • Pansies: These cheerful plants will do well in full morning sun. Plant them in baskets, planters, window boxes or beds – either way, they’re happy.
  • Iceland poppies: Plant these fiery blossoms in alkaline soil that drains well and gets full-sun. They’ll do well in cold climates.
  • Fairy primulas: Pepper the shaded parts of your garden with these delicate winter plants.


April Gardening in SA

April is the best time to sow. All you’ll need is a watering can, seedling trays, Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8) and seedling medium. Follow the steps below:

  1. Pop the seedling medium into the seed trays. Don’t fill all the way, leave one-third free for the seedlings to grow. Lightly tap the medium down.
  2. Try to evenly sow your seeds then water lightly using the watering can
  3. Cover with a plastic sheet and pop the trays into a shady spot that gets light. You can take the plastic sheet off as soon as you start to see the seedlings grow.
  4. When your seedlings have 3-4 leaves it’s time to pop them into pots and place them in a spot that gets morning sun.
  5. Be sure to feed them often with Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8).


April Gardening in SA

This will apply to anyone in Limpopo, The Northern Cape, Freestate, Mpumalanga, Free State, Gauteng and the North West.


  • These plants thrive in colder conditions and will flower in April: Cape daisies, African daisies and diascias
  • This month is the perfect time to plant young fruit trees


  • Raspberries


  • Move potted plants that may be sensitive to frost to a covered spot and consider getting a frost cover for other plants that may be affected
  • This cooler weather brings out Italian cypress aphids. Spray conifers to keep these guys from ruining your conifers!
  • Gardenias will need more water now to ensure they flower in summer


  • Use any fallen leaves as mulch for woodsy plans like Rhododendrons or Azaleas


April Gardening in SA

Anyone living in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal or the Easter Cape will need to follow this gardening list!


  • Tidy up those hanging baskets and pop them with creepers and climbers
  • Time to sow Flander’s poppy seeds for winter and spring blooms



  • Don’t forget to keep weeding… But leave a few tidbits for birds to nest in
  • Top any plants in containers with mulch like mondo grass, pebbles or groundcover.

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