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Gardening is infinitely more rewarding when you have the right tool for the job. Make light work of pruning, watering and general garden upkeep with Wonder’s comprehensive range of quality gardening accessories. Watch this space as our range will be growing.

What kind of accessories are you looking for?

Wonder offers a range of quality hand tools for all your gardening needs.

2 in 1 Soil Meter

Selecting the correct garden tools and/or accessories for your garden will have a huge impact on the upkeep, maintenance and...

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Wonder’s range of pruning tools are strong, sharp and durable.

Aluminium Bypass Pruner 8”

Wonder Aluminium Bypass Pruners are corrosion resistant and have a maximum cutting width of 8cm. They make a nice clean...

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Deluxe Bypass Pruner 8”

Wonder Deluxe Bypass Pruners are a premium and ergonomic tool with a maximum cutting width of 8cm. They make a...

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Wonder Pruning Shears

Wonder Pruning Shears have a maximum cutting width of 8cm. They make a nice clean cut using two curved blades...

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