Wonder Colour Boost

Reg. No. K8552 | Act No. 36 of 1947, N-F0625

Wonder Colour Boost is a unique balanced liquid plant food specially formulated to contain macro and micro nutrients. The product has organically based plant growth stimulants that stimulate growth and nutrient plant uptake based on fulvic and amino acids. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Size: 500 ml

  • Features
    • Easy to measure and mix – no waiting for powders to dissolve
    • Suitable for all plant types
    • Designed to feed foliage, encourage root development, and improve flower and leaf development
    • Contains trace elements that are easily available to plants
  • Directions for use
    • Use as directed: Shake container well before use. Do not leave diluted mixture in the sprayer for longer than 24 hours. Highly concentrated. Do not apply more than 2 % concentrate (20 ml / l) when spraying directly on the leaves of plants or when applying as a drench to plants. Dilute 20 ml in 1 l water. Apply weekly for as long as 4 weeks.
    • Soil drench: Apply Wonder Colour Boost 20 ml diluted in 1 l of water weekly to the root zone or directly onto leaves during stages of rapid growth and immediately after plants have suffered from stress related factors during transplanting or dry conditions at weekly intervals for up to four weeks.
    • Foliar application: Spray diluted Wonder Colour Boost  up to medium wetting point. Use 20 ml diluted in 1 l of water at a rate of 5 l per square meter of vegetable patch.
    • Application coverage: 200 ml Wonder Colour Boost per 10 l water / 200 m
  • Precautions
    • If applying to foliage, do not apply when temperatures are expected to reach over 30 °C
    • Do not leave diluted mixture in sprayer for longer than 24 hours
  • Composition
    • N 81,45 g/l
    • P 17 g/l
    • K 48 g/l
    • Mg 1.11 mg/l
    • S 0,32 mg/l
    • Fe 23,01 mg/l
    • Mn 43,05 mg/l
    • Zn 124.16 mg/l
    • Cu 27.81 mg/l
    • B 422,19 mg/l
    • Mo 261.59 mg/l
    • S.G 1.21 (20°)
    • NPK Analysis 5;1:3 (15)


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