Wonder Lawn Pest & Green

Reg. No. L9117 & K8911 | Act No. 36 of 1947, N-F1268, Reg. No W130175 | Act No. 18 of 1999

A fertiliser and contact and stomach insecticide for the control of lawn caterpillars and army worms on lawns.

Sizes: 3 kg | 9 kg

  • Features
    • Kill and protects against listed bugs
    • Feeds and strengthens lawn
    • Coverage: 50 m² (3 kg bag) and 150 m² (9 kg bag)
    • Prevents turf damage by killing larvae before they can cause damage
    • Use annually to help control caterpillar infestations on lawns ready-to-use for easy application
    • Analysis 4-1-1
  • Directions for use
    • Use as directed
    • Apply 60 g Lawn Pest & Green per m² as soon as an infestation of lawn caterpillars and/or armyworm is noticed. Repeat application of 60 g/m² if necessary but not more than one treatment every four (4) weeks.
  • Precautions
    • Handle with care and use gloves when application is done
    • Poisonous by swallowing, inhalation and absorption through skin and inhalation
    • Store away from food and feed
    • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals
    • Use as directed to protect children and pets
    • Do not inhale dust
    • Wash with soap and water after accidental skin contact
    • Do not eat, drink or smoke during application or before washing hands and face
    • Prevent drift onto fishponds and edible produce
    • Prevent contamination of food, feed, drinking water and eating utensils
    • Destroy empty container and do not use for any other purpose
    • Store under roof
    • Do not exceed recommended rate
    • Water thoroughly after each application
    • Do not apply directly to leaves and roots
    • Do not use if temperatures are expected to exceed 30 °C or when soil is very dry, or plants are suffering moisture stress
  • Composition
    • 170 g/kg N
    • 40 g/kg P
    • 40 g/kg K
    • Imidacloprid 0.5 g/kg

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