Wonder Waterwise Crystals

Reg. No. M63 | Act No. 36 of 1947; N-F1505

A water retaining polymer that increases the water holding capacity of soil. Reduces irrigation frequency and saves water. Provides a continuously available reservoir of water where plants need it – in the root zone. Suitable for forestry, shrubs and trees, lawns, revegetation, landscaping, in–ground horticultural crops, bulk potting mixes, potted plants, hanging baskets, sod and vegetable gardens, as well as established containerised plants and garden/flower beds.

Size: 200 g

  • Features

    Waterwise Crystals resembles sugar crystals when dry. Introduce water and the crystals swell dramatically. Converting to gel like sponges, absorbing and storing water and water soluble plant nutrients. Storing water and dissolved plant nutrients in the area of the macropores against gravity where it is easily available for plants on demand, via their roots. 95 % of the absorbed water is available back to plants. Waterwise Crystals is not able to withdraw water from plants so there is no competition with regard to available moisture. Water and nutrient elements are taken up directly by the fine root hairs growing into Waterwise Crystals or they are slowly released to the surrounding soil by osmotical processes. This uniform moisture supply leads to fast and intensive root growth, and increased survival rates of new plantings. Due to the expansion of Waterwise Crystals during water uptake the soil volume changes, resulting in reduced soil compaction, improved soil porosity and permeability. Thus, by loosening the soil root growth is enhanced. Increasing the water holding capacity of soils and potting mixes Waterwise Crystals provides a continuously available water reservoir, just where it is needed—in the root zone.

    • Waterwise Crystals is effective for several years
    • Increases water holding capacity of soils
    • Reduces frequency of irrigation
    • Prevents leaching of valuable nutrients
    • Enhances survival rates of new trees and shrubs
    • Allows for plant growth in extremely hot and dry climatic conditions
    • Reduces water loss by 30-50 %
  • Directions for use
    • Shake container well before use
    • Do not leave diluted mixture in sprayer for longer than 24 hours
    • Shake container well before use
    • Highly concentrated
    • Do not apply more than 2 % concentrate (20 ml/litre) when spraying directly on the leaves of plants or when applying as a drench to plants. Dilute 20 ml in 1 l water.
    • For pot plants, mix Wondersol All Purpose with water and water plants as normal. Repeat every 14 days. More frequent applications are sometimes desired and this will not harm plants if mixed according to the instructions.


    Recommendations Dosage Directions for use
    Planting holes for trees and evergreen deciduous shrubs

    3.5 l pot/bag

    8.0 l pot/bag

    20 l pot/bag

    40 l pot/bag

    375 g/m³
    750 g/m³15 g

    30 g

    60 g

    120 g

    Mix Waterwise Crystals with the soil excavated from the planting hole, and place around and below the root ball. Water thoroughly.
    Flower beds 250 g/10 m² Incorporate into the soil to a depth of 8 cm. Water thoroughly.
    Ground covers 100 g/m² Incorporate in the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm, depending on the expected root depth.  Water thoroughly.  Large areas may be power rotated.
    Lawns 5 -100 g/m² Seeds: Apply with a drop seeder and power rotate to a depth of 10 – 15 cm in two directions.  In areas where wind erosion is a problem, 25 – 30 % of the required rate may be on the soil surface with the seed.  Water immediately after sowing to activate polymer.

    Sodding: Apply to the soil surface, rake in lightly and sod. Irrigate thoroughly. Continue thorough irrigation until proper germination of seed or establishment of sods.

    Potted plants

    5 l

    15 l

    25 l

    5 g

    10 g

    15 g

    Mix Waterwise Crystals thoroughly with soil. Water liberally to activate the polymer.
    Established plants As per pot size Poke numerous holes in the root zone using a pencil or dowel.  Distribute the polymer evenly between the holes. Water liberally to activate the polymer.
    Transplanting 5 g / 500 ml water Dip roots into slurry and plant into Waterwise Crystals amended soil.


  • Precautions
    • Extremely slippery when wet
    • Handle as a mild irritant
    • Do not inhale or ingest dust
    • Prevent spillage into drains
  • Composition
    • Water Retaining Polymer


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