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Fertiliser is essential for ensuring plants receive the nutrition they need to flourish and grow. Our fertilisers are available in easy to apply granular formats and in a variety of pack sizes to suit every garden size. Wonder’s range of fertilisers are expertly tailored to specific plant needs. For ease of reference, we have categorised our fertilisers according to their usage so it’s simple to find the correct product for your need.

What kind of fertiliser are you looking for?

Preparation is key when it comes to successful gardening. When preparing a new bed or planting new plants, be sure to add a phosphorus rich fertiliser to the soil to encourage healthy root development. Soil pH also sometimes needs to be adjusted and products like lime or ammonium sulphate can be used for this.

Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8)

High phosphorus fertiliser for stimulating root growth in lawns, seedlings, trees and shrubs.

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Wonder Agricultural Lime

For raising the pH of acidic soils and preventing calcium deficiency.

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Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal

An organic based fertiliser for the planting of shrubs, lawns and trees. Provides nitrogen for healthy leaf growth and phosphorous...

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There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own produce and being able to serve food from your own garden. Providing essential plant nutrition will ensure that your produce is more abundant and bursting with flavour.

Wonder Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 (26)

A complete granular fertiliser for feeding most flowering garden plants. Wonder 3:1:5 (26) SR is a high potassium fertiliser for...

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All purpose fertiliser is the ideal solution for the whole garden as it contains the optimum levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to nourish all types of plants.

Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost

All purpose organic fertiliser for the whole garden.

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Wonder Plant Booster All Purpose 3:2:1 (28)

A complete granular fertiliser for feeding lawns, vegetables and evergreen garden plants. Wonder 3:2:1 (28) SR is a high nitrogen...

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Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose 2:3:2 (14) + C (8)

A complete granular fertiliser for feeding and planting vegetables, flowers and flowering shrubs. Wonder 2:3:2 (14) + C (8) SR*...

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Nitrogen is an essential macro-nutrient for healthy green leaves and hence our fertilisers for this application are enriched with high levels of nitrogen to promote vigorous green upper growth. These fertilisers are ideal for maintaining a healthy lawn and non-flowering shrubs and foliage.

Wonder Lawn Pest & Green 4:1:1 (21)

A fertiliser as well as a contact and stomach poison for the control of lawn caterpillars in lawns.

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Wonder Deep Green (17) + C (8)

General garden use fertiliser with Bio-Carbon boost.

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Wonder Lawn & Leaf 7:1:3 (15) + C (8)

A complete fertiliser for lawns, evergreen plants and shrubs.

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Rose and flower gardens are unique in that they require a fertiliser with high levels of potassium for flower bud formation as well as enhanced colour. In addition to this, flowering plants require healthy leaves and these are supported with high levels of nitrogen.

Wonder Rose & Flower 8:1:5 (17) + C (8)

Specially developed granular fertiliser for feeding established garden roses and flowering plants. Balanced blend of nitrogen for healthy foliage development...

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