Preparing soil for planting in spring

Spring is on its way. So why not use this time to prepare your garden beds for all its growing gifts? Whether your garden has sandy or loamy soil, you’ll want to ensure it’s in peak condition to receive new spring-blooming plants. And luckily for you, the Wonder garden experts are here to take your gloved hand and guide you through the process. (Start preparing soil for planting in spring with Wonder plant nutrition.) 

Spring is on its way, start preparing soil for planting today:

Loosen the soil

Odds are, the cold winter months have left your soil compact and dry. So, first thing’s first! Grab a garden fork or sharp shovel and start tilling and turning the soil. Make sure you reach a depth of about 30cm to get the surface soil nice and loose – and properly aerated too. Get the dirt on improving soil quality.

Remove fresh leaf litter

Next, inspect the site to see if there is any fresh leaf litter mixed into the top layer of soil. If there is, remove it to make way for new bulbs and shrubs. But don’t toss it! Garden refuse makes great compost, so rather add it to your compost heap if you have one. (This will come in handy later on.)

Check the pH levels

Once your soil is lifted and cleared of leaf litter, it’s time to determine the pH of the soil. A level between 6.5 – 6.8 is preferable as most garden plants thrive in this level of acidity. Use your 

pH meter to get a pH reading and then plan the next step of your soil preparation process. Keeping in mind that certain plants, like Azaleas and Hydrangeas, prefer soil that’s more on the acidic side. (Looking for a fertiliser for your established flowering plants? Discover Wonder Rose & Flower.)

Balance the soil with agricultural lime and compost

If you plan to add acid-loving plants like Azaleas or Hydrangeas, but your soil is too alkaline, lower your soil’s pH with Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Blue Hydrangea or Wonder Colourburst Azalea. On the other hand, if your soil is too acidic, apply Wonder Agricultural Lime to raise the pH levels.


After balancing the soil’s pH, take out that bag of Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost.This product is essentially a soil conditioner, improving the soil’s matter content, replenishing its nutrient load, and increasing its water-holding capacity. Apply a generous amount of Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost to the soil surface and turn it in with a spade. This step is especially important if your soil has a clay-like consistency.

Rake and water

Preparing soil for planting in spring can take some time, but keep going, we’re almost there! Lastly, get out a rake and smooth out the soil so it’s level. And finish off with a light watering to release air pockets and help the particles settle.

Have you started preparing soil for planting this spring?

Preparing soil for planting in spring is a straightforward process. Get going on your garden beds as soon as you can, and remember to stock up on the Wonder fertilisers you need to make the work worthwhile!

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