Backyard garden ideas: 5 ways to create a focal point outdoors

Think of a garden you admire. It may be a friend’s or family member’s, or even a green area near your place of work. Can you picture it? Great. Now, when you look out over this magnificent garden, what is your eye first attracted to? Is it a large tree? Perhaps a colourful patch of roses? Whatever it is, notice that this focal point is the defining feature of the garden. Every plant, rock, and groundcover surrounds it and emphasises its beauty, tying together in glorious unison to create one spectacular garden display. If you’re feeling inspired and want to establish an eye-catching outdoor focal point at home, consider these five backyard garden ideas. (And stock up on Wonder plant nutrition products to make your vision a reality.)

Backyard garden ideas for a fabulous focal point:

To create a balanced garden design, we recommend positioning your focal point just off centre – use the rule of thirds as a guide.

1. Invest in a decorative garden ornament

A unique garden ornament can make a wonderful garden focal point. Statues of people and animals are popular options. And we’re sure you’re familiar with the pink flamingo lawn ornament and collectable garden gnome. But if none of these tickles your fancy, don’t worry, there are far more ornaments to explore. For example, if you’re a lover of antiques, a vintage piece like an old sundial or lamp post might be your preferred option. And if you’re an avid bird watcher, feeders and birdbaths might be your best option yet.

2. Plant a statement tree or shrub

Depending on your garden size, you can choose a majestic tree or flamboyant shrub for your garden focal point. Indigenous trees like the White Pear, Acacia, Erythrina, Lavender tree, and Pompon tree make striking feature plants in medium to large gardens. And vibrantly coloured shrubs like the Strelitzia, Protea and Red Hot Poker can make a big impact in smaller gardens. (Before planting your feature tree or shrub, visit Wonder online to find the nutrition products it needs to thrive.) 

3. Set up a gazebo or garden bench

Once you’ve established a beautiful garden, you want to encourage spending as much time in it as possible, right? When it comes to backyard garden ideas, nothing says “sit and stay awhile” better than a gazebo or garden bench. With the wide selection of furniture materials available today, you can order an outdoor seating area that matches your style and garden aesthetic. From wooden designs to recycled plastic alternatives – there’s a fit for everyone.

4. Create a garden rockery

A favourite among the water-conscious gardening community – rockeries can look effective with minimal upkeep. And when scattered with novel succulents and cacti, can become a real focal point in the garden. Just remember to add some nutrient-rich compost to the site before planting anything new. Explore Wonder Vita Boost Vermicompost

5. Add a water feature or fish pond

Nothing soothes like the sound of running water, right? If relaxation is what you’re after in your outdoor space, consider adding a water feature. It would be both an eye-catching and tranquil choice of garden focal point. But if you’re a nature-lover, why not attract some wildlife to your garden at the same time? A simple fish pond would do the trick. Not only is a pond a suitable home to fresh-water fish, but it acts as a water hole for numerous species of birds, frogs and insects. If you’re lucky, you might even find a family of wild geese taking a bath!

Will you create a focal point using our backyard garden ideas?

We hope our backyard garden ideas have inspired you to put your green fingers to work! Remember, your focal point is the trunk from which the rest of your garden branches out. So, whichever direction you choose to go in with yours, make sure you’re equipped with the right plant foods and fertilisers for your entire garden project. (Discover our selection of plant nutrition products.)

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