NEW: Fertilisers designed for your flowers, lawn and vegetable garden

From vibrant flowers to luscious lawns, fertilisers can add the many macronutrients that plants need to grow well. But just as different plants need different nutrients, fertilisers are not all made equal. Wonder Super Bloom, Wonder Lawn Booster and Wonder Veggie Garden are the newest products in the Wonder gardening range. Each of these fertilisers has been designed to provide the essential nutrients that each plant needs. 

Fertilisers for every garden

The fertiliser for your flower garden: Wonder Super Bloom

Wonder Super Bloom has been specially formulated to support plant health. Strengthen roses and flowers from the inside out.

What to know about Wonder Super Bloom 

  • With a 4 – 6 weeks slow-release feed, combined with added sulphur and zinc complex, this perfect blend establishes your best-ever roses and flowers.
  • All of these macronutrients aid in the fast establishment of your flower garden.
  • Fertilising with Wonder Super Bloom will result in bigger, more beautiful blooms and greener and also glossier foliage.
  • Zinc and sulphur help build plant immunity to fungus and disease, such as black spot.

The fertiliser for your veggie garden: Wonder Veggie Garden

Wonder Veggie Garden is a naturally enriched and nourishing feed that boosts the growth of vegetables and herbs. It is specially tailored to naturally support your plants’ health. 

A colour-coated granule makes it easy to identify where Wonder Veggie Garden fertiliser has been applied. Containing organic bio-nutrients encourages root development as well as vegetable and herb growth. Specially formulated to build the immunity of a healthy harvest, your veggies and herbs will thrive after 4 – 6 weeks of slow-release nutrients. 

What to know about Wonder Veggie Garden

  • 4 – 6 weeks of slow-release nutrients produce healthy vegetables and herbs.
  • Easily keep up with your gardening routines, and keep track of where the fertiliser has been applied thanks to the design of our colour-coated granules.
  • Bionutrients in Wonder Veggie Garden encourage roots to grow healthily and form a stable, happy plant. 

The fertiliser for your lawn: Wonder Lawn Booster

Love your lawn with Wonder Lawn Booster. A high-quality slow-release fertiliser which provides deep, uniform greening and nourishing development. 

This fertiliser has been created for lawn gardeners to use all year round. Iron and micronutrients work to enhance the greening process of your lawn, while slowly feeding your grass at the same time. Iron is essential for other vital productions to take place. Without iron, your lawn cannot function as it should. Plus, by fertilising, you make your lawn more resistant to weeds.

What to know about Wonder Lawn Booster

  • Promote soil health and a stronger and more resilient lawn with these slow-acting and long-lasting nutrients. 
  • Applying every 4 – 6 weeks is sure to thicken and strengthen your grass, and improve its health and vigour. 

Our top tips to use fertilisers

  • When to fertilise garden plants depends on the type of plant it is and the plant’s specific needs. Learn the best time to fertilise your garden by checking our gardening calendar or asking our experts.
  • Apply fertilisers in early spring to encourage leafy growth and the production of fruit and flowers.
  • Feed shady areas less. Your garden’s grass and plants in shady areas need less water because less evaporates. It also needs less fertiliser because with less sun it doesn’t grow as much. 
  • After a busy morning spreading any fertilisers, you wouldn’t want to see your hard work wash away in a rainstorm. Check the weather before you begin the process. 
  • Read all product instructions. 

Over the last 50 years, Wonder plant nutrition and fertiliser solutions have provided South African gardeners with a wide range of plant nutrition and care solutions. Gardens are beautiful, bountiful and balanced with Wonder. 

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