Lawn maintenance and care: the long and short of it

Achieving a gorgeous and healthy lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. With some time, some know-how, and a few extra tricks up your sleeve, you too can have a beautiful grassy yard to be proud of with these lawn maintenance tips.

What you need to know about lawn maintenance

Gardens, as a whole, take work to keep green – and lawn work is no different. Caring for your lawn, however, isn’t as complicated as you might think. Let’s tap into some essential lawn maintenance tips you can use to keep your grass looking lovely and lush.

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Mow (to grow) your lawn

Your lawn grass thrives by going through the process of photosynthesis – where green plants take in sunlight and generate food and nutrients from it. Photosynthesis keeps plants, flowers, and grass growing.

When you consistently mow your turf for lawn maintenance, you are routinely exposing the grass blades to the right amount of sunlight, which helps the grass grow healthier and greener.

In addition to healthier lawns, the grass clippings left from your frequent mowing sessions recycle some nitrogen back into the soil and provide your grass with extra nutrients.

Consider the following things to properly mow your lawn:

  • Before you begin, make sure that your lawnmower blades are sharp. Dull blades will tear your grass instead of cutting it.
  • Avoid the temptation to chop your grass as close to the ground as possible. When you slice your grass too close to the root, it can become unhealthy and start to die.
  • More frequent mowing at a taller height will give you healthier grass. Your efforts will be rewarded with a lush, healthy landscape.
  • The time of year and the current weather determine how often you should mow your lawn.
  • When the weather is colder, you need to mow less. In warmer weather, you’ll need to trim more often, as the grass will grow faster.
  • Remember: grass that’s neglected for weeks is difficult to regain shape. Consistent mowing makes ongoing lawn maintenance easier.

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The grass is greener where you water it

Maximise your watering efficiency and effectiveness. Hydrate your landscape like a pro.

  • Water in the early morning. This allows the moisture to get down into the root systems before the heat of the sun evaporates it. Watering at night could give you soppy, saturated soil and unhappy roots.
  • Water your lawn about twice per week. Any more than that could oversaturate your soil; any less could leave your roots dry. Remember to adhere to water restrictions in your area.
  • Check your grass for puddles and dry spots after you water. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a flat landscape. It’s important to see where your water is running to. If you see dry patches, focus on watering more in those areas. If you see puddles, attempt to divert some of that moisture away.
General lawn fertiliser

Feed and fertiliser

Fertilisation is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a healthy and gorgeous lawn. Wonder’s garden care experts specially created this new lawn fertiliser to enhance gardens all year round. This product is developed with the latest fertiliser technology, while lawns thrive with the ultimate blend of ingredients.

Wonder Organics Lawn Booster is for anyone who loves their lawn. Our high-quality slow-release fertiliser was designed for year-round use. It provides deep uniform greening while slowly feeding your lawn.

Why we love Wonder Lawn Booster:

  • This slow-release fertiliser has a long-lasting plant nutrient supply.
  • The low chloride content doesn’t interfere with lawn development.
  • Slow-release nitrogen is perfect for sustained grass growth and prevention of ground- and surface-water leaching.
  • Organic bio-stimulants encourage root development and plant growth.
  • Contains essential micronutrients, such as iron. Iron helps to strengthen your grass and improve colour, making your lawn greener.
  • Applying fertiliser increases beneficial biology in the soil.
  • Plus, Wonder Lawn Booster’s fertiliser granules are colour-coated for easy identification and visibility after application.

Weed control

Pesky weeds are more than just annoyances, they can do some serious damage to your lawn if left unchecked.

  • Your lawn is home to many weed seeds – they just haven’t germinated yet. Cultivating your soil too often can drop these unseen weed seeds into fertilised soil and result in weed growth.
  • Make mulch your friend. Weeds need light to germinate and grow, so covering portions of your land with mulch stops weed seeds from getting that sunlight.
  • Reduce the space between the plants in your garden. The weeds will have less space to grow and more competition for nutrients and sunlight.
  • Control broadleaf weeds in your lawn with the help of No Weed Lawn RTU – a ready-to-use herbicide.
 Lawn care and maintenance tips

Keep your grass lush with lawn maintenance

How are you going to keep your lovely lawn looking its best? Follow the above simple lawn maintenance tips and keep a regular routine to avoid having a dull or weed-infested lawn again!

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