The starter pack you need if you’re a beginner gardener

Get your grow on with this easy-to-use starter pack for the beginner gardener.

Want to start a garden, but not sure where to begin? In this article, we cover the basics of garden care products and essential garden tools. Think fertilisers that start a garden and must-have tools to plant that tomato plant you’ve been dreaming of for years. 

The beginner gardener starter pack

Your start-a-garden shopping list

We’ve rounded up the essentials you need to get started.

  1. Gardening trowel
  2. Pruning shears
  3. A garden hose/watering can
  4. Wondersol Colour Boost
  5. Wonder Plant Food Stix
  6. Wonder Kelp
  7. Wonder Veggie Garden Organics
  8. Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal
  9. Wonder AG Lime
an image from the top that pictures a plant being repotted, a hand gardening trowel and potting pots

Get good gardening vibes with our starter pack

The above list features our top picks for getting started and making your gardening easier. Let’s take a closer look:

Gardening trowel

This little portable spade or shovel is a necessity for any beginner gardener. It’s so versatile! You can use it to remove weeds or transfer bedding plants, tiny herbs, seedlings, etc. 

Overheard from the experts 

Choose a hand trowel with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Trowels made of stainless steel or that have a stainless steel head are known to be long-lasting.

Pruning shears

Whether you’re snipping off dead flower heads, aka “deadheading,” from your flower shrubs, cutting back a berry bush, or harvesting fresh vegetables, a sturdy set of pruning shears is a great idea. 

While your garden is young, shears are ideal. Once your garden grows, you can invest in a set of loppers for thicker branches. 

Overheard from the experts 

Before using your pruning shears, clean them with warm dish soap and water. Cut your plant off at the node (the Y-shaped intersection of the branch and stem). 

Blue pruning shears pictured alongside sunflowers in the garden

A garden hose or watering can

Your plants will need to be watered. So if you’re planting directly in the ground, spring for a hose. If you’re creating a container garden or vertical garden, a watering can will do the trick. 

Overheard from the experts 

Make sure your hose is long enough to reach from your tap to your garden. Consider adding a sprayer attachment that will let you control water flow and pressure. 

Opting for a watering can? Look for a lightweight one you can still carry when full.

An image of a rolled up and green watering hose pipe

Wondersol Colour Boost

Boost your plant’s growth right from the beginning. 

Wondersol Colour Boost is a unique, balanced liquid plant food specially formulated to contain macro- and micronutrients. It stimulates growth and nutrient uptake. 

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • It can be used ‌for your indoor and outdoor plants. 
  • It’s easy to measure and mix – no waiting for powders to dissolve.
  • It’s suitable for all plant types.

Wonder Plant Food Stix

Never be afraid of forgetting to feed your plant babies. 

Wonder Plant Food Stix are easy-to-use plant food spikes that will feed your indoor plants for up to 60 days with slow-release plant food. 

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • You get 20 plant food spikes, enough to feed many plants at once.
  • These stix feed plants for up to 2 months (8 weeks), meaning you can feed your plants and forget about it for a good couple of weeks. 
  • They’re suitable for indoor and patio plants.
House plants sitting on a window sill in terracotta pots

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Wonder Kelp

Stimulate root growth and help your plants avoid shock when repotting or transplanting. 

Flowering and garden plants can develop more roots and shoots with Wonder Kelp, a seaweed concentrate.

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • It’s an ideal stress relief treatment before or after periods of plant stress (frost, heat waves, insect, or disease damage).
  • It’s an excellent treatment to reduce transplant shock when moving plants from pots to new plants or garden soil. 
  • It’s easy to mix and apply.

Wonder Veggie Garden Organics

Enrich and feed your starter vegetable garden. 

Wonder Organics Veggie Garden is a balanced, naturally enriched and nourishing feed that boosts vegetables and herbs. 

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • These colour-coated granules are so lovely to use because of their easy identification and visibility after application.
  • The slow-release nutrients feed crops for 4–6 weeks.

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Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal

Help your shrubs, lawns and trees grow strong roots and healthy leaves.

In addition to providing nitrogen for healthy leaf growth, Wonder Root Builder Bone Meal is rich in phosphorous to strengthen the roots.

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • It’s a 100% pure high-quality organic bone meal.
  • It improves the soil structure of your growing lawn, shrubs and trees. 
Young beginner gardener repotting multiple plants on a gardening table outdoors

Wonder AG Lime

Create a healthier base for your plants to grow by raising the pH of your acidic soils.

With Wonder AG Lime, you can raise the pH of your acidic soil and provide your plants with the nutrients and minerals they need to grow.

Why we love this for a beginner gardener

  • This product balances out the acidity of your soil for optimum plant growth.
  • The pH soil corrector also prevents calcium deficiencies from forming in your lawns and plants. 

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First time in the garden?

If you’re worried about digging right into new garden projects and activities, Wonder is here to put your mind at ease.  Our experts care about your gardens just as much as you do. 

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