How to grow poinsettias: Tips for fabulous festive flowers

The merry and bright poinsettia brings joy to any Christmas setting, whether in the garden, a planter, or a decorative table display. And the good news is, this festive flower can be grown in all South African microclimates – coastal winter rainfall, summer rainfall and coastal summer rainfall. If you’ve got a keen green thumb, why not celebrate the most wonderful time of year by planting a few? Explore this article to learn how to grow poinsettias this holiday season. (Browse the Wonder range online.)

Gardening advice for perfect poinsettias

How to grow poinsettias in the garden:

You can grow poinsettias from seed or transplant young shrubs straight into your garden beds. For fast results, we suggest you opt for the latter. Start the planting process by finding a suitable area in your garden. Poinsettias need bright, indirect sunlight exposure and prefer to be out of the wind, so keep this in mind when selecting a spot. Once you’ve settled on a location, prepare the soil with Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost and Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose. (Get the dirt on improving soil quality). Next, dig a hole twice as deep as the root ball of your poinsettia shrub. Remove the shrub from its container and gently loosen the roots before planting. Fill the remaining area with soil and water well, finishing off with a generous layer of mulch.

How to grow poinsettias in pots:

Planting poinsettia shrubs in pots is a similar process to planting them in the garden. If you’ve got a festive planter or pot available, make sure it is at least 400mm wide and deep, and has adequate drainage holes. Fill the pot with quality potting soil and a sprinkling of Wonder Organic Vita-Boost Vermicompost. Add some Wonder Waterwise Crystals to the mixture, this will help with moisture retention so the potting soil does not dry out. Dig a hole in the soil for the root cluster, and then remove the poinsettia plant from its container. Lightly tease the root ball and plant in the pot, filling the remaining area with potting soil. Water well to finish, and place in an area of your home that receives at least six hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day.

Caring for poinsettia plants:

Poinsettias are fairly easy to care for. As long as they receive enough light and are only watered when their soil is dry to the touch, they should be happy and beautiful. If you want to give your poinsettias an extra kick of nutrients over the holiday season, you can feed them with Wondersol Colour Boost every week, or try our easy to use Wonder Plant Food Stix that will care for your poinsettias for up to 8 weeks. And if they’re in pots, don’t forget to keep them out of drafty areas.

How to decorate with poinsettias:

how to grow poinsettias

Once you know how to grow poinsettias, it’s time for the fun part – decorating! There are lots of ways to use poinsettias in the home to transform it into a magical Christmas wonderland. Here are some ideas for you to consider:


A great way to display poinsettia blooms or pot plants is to use them as a centrepiece on your Christmas table. Depending on your colour scheme, you can use red or white flowers. You can also try an alternative colour if you wish, like pink, green or orange.

Seasonal arrangement

Poinsettias pair well with other seasonal bloomers like Amaryllis. If you have a flair for floral arrangements, you can create an elaborate Christmas bouquet using a variety of festive flowers.

Mini Christmas tree

You’ve got to love a mini Christmas tree! Especially when decorated with colourful poinsettia blooms. You can use it as a table centrepiece, in the corner of a room, on the mantle, or at the entrance to your home. A simple and effective addition to your holiday décor.


Is Christmas even Christmas without a wreath? Complete your holiday home décor by placing a signature wreath on your front door – covered with bright poinsettia blooms for a cheerful welcome.

Now you know how to grow poinsettias, so let’s get festive!

We hope you enjoyed learning how to grow poinsettias, and make the most of the holiday season with beautiful blooms in and outside your home. (Care for your poinsettias with Wonder.)

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