Grow your own cut flowers this festive season with Wonder

There’s something genuinely fulfilling about watching your garden burst into an array of colours as your cut flowers bloom. As we near the festive season, the tradition of gifting and decorating can get a personal touch with home-grown cut flowers. The best part? A sprawling garden space or a green thumb isn’t necessary to enjoy endless bouquets of homegrown flowers.

Choosing the right flowers

South Africa’s climate is highly favourable, offering the perfect environment for a variety of cut flowers. While the choice of flowers largely depends on personal preferences and the local climate, there are some easy-to-grow favourites perfect for beginners.

For a splash of colour and visual interest, consider planting blossoms with distinct shapes in vibrant hues. Snapdragons, poppies, zinnias, and sunflowers are excellent choices that promise a lively garden.

For those desiring a garden with varying heights, delphiniums, bells of Ireland, larkspurs, hollyhocks, and foxgloves are fantastic options. They not only add a vertical element but also create a sense of fullness in your garden.

And of course, don’t overlook the importance of fillers! They play a crucial role in giving your garden a well-rounded and abundant appearance. Statice, baby’s breath, and yarrow are great options that complement other blooms wonderfully.

Orange poppies pictured close-up in the garden

Getting started with your cut flower garden

Incorporating a soil conditioner is a vital step in preparing your garden. Wonder Organic Vita-Boost is an excellent choice that not only enriches your soil but also provides a wholesome feed for your evergreen plants. This organic complete fertiliser encourages healthy green growth, ensuring your soil is in prime condition to support your blossoming haven.

A stellar product to kickstart your cut flower growth is Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Special Fertiliser with micro-elements. This fertiliser is rich in essential plant nutrients and is particularly beneficial for lilies and gladiolus, ensuring robust flower bud development for stunning summer displays.

A dose of Wonder Rose & Flower fertiliser will provide that much-needed boost as the season approaches. This special blend is crafted to meet the nutritional needs of your flowering plants, helping them bloom in full glory.

Whether you are planting seeds or young plants, a good feeding routine is essential. Regular watering, weeding, and feeding with Wonder products will ensure your garden is vibrant and healthy, ready to bring forth a bounty of cut flowers for the festive season.

Wonder Organics Super Bloom is an organic fertiliser specially formulated to promote vibrant blooms, making it an excellent choice for your cut flower garden. By providing the essential nutrients your flowers crave, Wonder Organics Super Bloom helps nurture a colourful garden that’s ready to light up the festive season.

 A gardener using secateurs  to cut stems of cut flowers

Harvesting your cut flowers

Knowing when and how to cut your flowers is key to enjoying a bountiful harvest. Here are some tips to ensure your cut flowers continue to beautify your space:

  • Cut flowers early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it’s cooler.
  • Harvest when they are budding for longer vase life.
  • Use sharp, clean scissors or pruning shears.
  • Disinfect tools before and after use to prevent disease spread.
  • Cut stems at an angle for better water absorption.
  • Remove submerged leaves to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Hydrate plants well the day before harvesting.
  • Place cut stems immediately in lukewarm water.

Celebrating the festive season with your cut flowers

The beauty of cultivating your own garden of cut flowers extends beyond the garden bed. As the festive season approaches, these home-grown treasures can add a personal and colourful touch to your celebrations in a variety of ways.

Gift decoration:

Adorn your gifts with a touch of nature by adding fresh flowers to your wrapping. Your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtful and decorative touch.

Festive feast tables:

Elevate your feast tables by incorporating cut flowers into your table decor. Whether in vases or laid directly on the table, their vibrant colours and fresh appearance will enhance the festive ambience.

A table display of cut flowers, fruits and candles

Bouquet gifting:

When visiting family and friends, gifting bouquets of home-grown cut flowers is a heartfelt way to spread love and joy.

Cake and dessert decor:

Enhance your festive desserts by adorning them with edible cut flowers. They add a whimsical and elegant touch to your sweet treats.

Christmas tree decor:

For a unique and organic touch, adorn your Christmas tree with flowers instead of, or alongside, traditional ornaments. It’s a refreshing way to incorporate nature into your holiday decor.

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