7 reasons to love Wonder plant food: A garden care essential

At this time of year, we love to love love! And what better way to show your garden you care than with Wonder plant food. Get to know this quality garden care range, and find out why you should love it as much as your plants do.

Why Wonder plant food is a garden care essential

Here are seven reasons to include our plant food solutions in your garden care toolkit:

1. Colour-enhancing formulas

The Wonder plant food range includes colour-enhancing solutions, designed to enhance bloom colour and correct the yellowing of leaves caused by iron deficiency. So, imagine your garden, just brighter and bolder! A great example of a product with these colour altering capabilities is Wonder Colourburst Rose Food. It’s a nourishing mixture of essential nutrients made for roses in particular. All you have to do is dissolve 20 g (2 measuring spoons) of granules in 10 L of water and feed the plant once every two weeks. You’ll have gorgeous, vibrant blooms and lush greenery in no time.

2. All-purpose garden care

A gardening go-to that never disappoints – Wonder all-purpose plant food can be used just about anywhere in the garden. (And even indoors plants.) Take Wonder Kelp, for example. It’s an organic seaweed concentrate and plant growth stimulant that increases flower numbers and root and shoot masses in a host of established garden plants. Use it to feed your rose bushes, hanging basket flowers, veggie garden, and more – this product is always a winner when it comes to plant nourishment!

3. Acid-loving plant solutions

Acid loving plants have specific nutritional needs. This is where our acid-loving plant foods come in handy. Products like Wonder Colourburst Azalea are designed with specific plant varieties in mind, enhancing their colours and boosting their growth with frequent application. Simply dissolve 20 g (2 measuring spoons) in 10 L of water and apply once every three weeks to see a difference in your azaleas, camellia and hydrangeas.

4. Water-saving applications

Water-wise plant food is a huge plus in dry (and sustainably designed) gardens. Our product Wonder Waterwise Crystals has unique polymer crystals that absorb water from the surface layer of soil and release it where the plant needs it most – at the root zone. If you’re growing a succulent garden or xeriscape of some kind, this plant food will help you reduce water usage while encouraging healthy and happy plants.

5. Granular and liquid options

Did you know Wonder offers both granular and liquid plant foods? It’s true – explore our range to find your ideal product. Our ready-to-use granular plant foods can be sprinkled onto flower beds, around fruit trees, and in vegetable gardens – quick and easy nourishment solutions for tired-looking plants. To learn more about this type of plant nutrition, check out our complete plant food Wonder Shake ’n Grow Special Fertiliser as a reference. Our liquid concentrates are also user-friendly and made to mix with water in a matter of seconds. Just grab a watering can, hose, and bottle of liquid plant food for a watering session that packs a punch. If you’re new to our range, Wondersol Colour Boost is a great product to start with – click here to learn more.

6. Ideal for indoor plants

Another benefit of Wonder plant food is that it can be used on both outdoor and indoor plants. Yes, beloved plant pets in your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom can reap the rewards of instant nourishment! Cacti, succulents, orchids, mini roses, leafy shrubs, – you name it. (Caring for indoor plants? Get tips for flourishing foliage and flowers.)

7. Made for South Africa

Wonder plant nutrition is made by South Africans for South African gardens. So you can rest assured your garden’s microclimate and soil type will be catered to when using our range of plant food solutions. Browse our full selection online and visit one of our suppliers to shop the plant foods you need for a successful season of gardening. (Remember, Wonder products are available at garden centres, nurseries and leading retail stores near you.)

Garden care is Wonderful with our expert plant food

We all like to feel special, especially during the month of love. Pamper your plants this February with Wonder plant foods – a specialised range of garden care solutions designed just for them.


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