Wonder Plant Booster All Purpose

Reg. No. K5748 | Act No. 36 of 1947, N-F0013, Reg. No W130216 | Act No. 18 of 1999

A complete granular fertiliser for feeding lawns, vegetables and evergreen garden plants. Wonder Plant Booster All Purpose is a high nitrogen fertiliser for healthy green growth.

Sizes: 3 kg | 6 kg

  • Features
    • Contains slow release nitrogen
    • Healthy growing vegetable plants
    • Strong luscious growth
    • Enhances root growth
    • Ideal for lawns, vegetables and evergreen plants
  • Directions for use
    • Use only as directed
    • Lawn: Apply 45 g/m² in early spring and repeat every 6 weeks throughout the season
  • Precautions
    • Precautions
    • Store under roof
    • Do not exceed recommended rate
    • Water thoroughly after each application
    • Do not apply directly onto leaves and roots
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • Do not use if temperatures are expected to exceed 30 °C or when soil is very dry, or plants are suffering moisture stress
  • Composition
    • 140 g/kg N
    • 93 g/kg P
    • 47 g/kg K
    • NPK Analysis 3:2:1 (28)

3 reviews for Wonder Plant Booster All Purpose

  1. lindiwe salaphia mdluli

    good and working wonders on my gardens

  2. Blessings

    This is so good product

  3. Shylock

    My lawn is green right through the whole year complements coming through from friends, family and neighbours it breaks my 💔 see their gardens not looking so good so 😞 so then I have to share 😉 and refer them to my magic recipe Wonder expert 👌 thanks 🙏 guy s for everything you done to my neighbour hood…

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